About classes


Intermediate A 15:30~17:00

(experience 6~8 years)
Make a point of pulse and speed, and learn expression of dance.
Current number “Solea pol Buleria”

Beginners 19:30~21:00

(for beginners who have no experience)
Why don’t you join us? Let’s study how to play the castanets(palillos) and adapt yourself the rhythm of flamenco!
Current number “Sevillanas”


Intermediate B 19:30~21:00

(experience 4,5~7 years)
The class will study how to dance with fan(abanico) mainly.
Current number “Guajira”


Advanced 18:30~20:30

(experience 10~ years)
Brush up the expression of the upper half of the body and deepen the particular comprehension of the composition.
Current number “Cana” “ Tango”


Kids 17:00~18:00

The class will master the basis of flamenco and enjoy dancing by “Sevillanas”.
Current number “Sevillanas”

Primary 19:30~21:00

(experience 2,3~4 years)
The class will study how to use the accessory like hat(sombrero). The pupils will master how to go along with the stream of music and express themselves by every movement.
Current number “Tanguillos”


Tecnica (technical class) 16:30~18:30

Learn various technique which are crucial for dance. You can experience how to play the castanets(palillos), all kind of turns(vuelta), steps(zapateado), how to handle the skirt(falda). For everybody(not according to ability).



You can make an appointment whenever you want to take a lesson.
Please refer to the studio for your private lesson.

※If you have no experience, please come to the beginners' class. You can ask me about the level of each class.
Please call me, or send an email by thismail form.

The recitall

Report of the performance 2012


Sanae Kitada and her pupils write something new about lessons or their daily affair. (only Japanese)

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